Serving the Quad Cities since 1982

1620 Rockingham Rd
Davenport, IA 52802

We have daily lunch and dinner specials.

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About Tappa's

For over two decades, Jan and Cliff Tappa, with a group of dedicated employees (Cid, Tim, Lorrie, and many others), have gone the extra mile to make each customer a member of the family . "we seek to create a cozy neighborhood restaurant for people to appreciate a nice glass of wine and a quick dinner after work or to enjoy a leisurely Friday or Saturday evening with friends." says Cliff, executive chef and co-owner. A meal at Tappa's steak house is amazing. Featuring premium Hereford beef which is hand cut when you order. Whether you are a regular to our little section of the dining world or if this is your first time with us, you are now and always will be part of the family.

Thanks and enjoy your experience! - the Tappa's

At Tappa's steak house you are only a stranger once, but if you're really strange, you'll only be in once!!